Welcome! If we can show you a way to see positive changes in your families wellness, would you be excited!? We offer community, both individual support and community support, through a private Facebook group to share resources and testimonials, free classes on product education locally and online and even support for you to learn how to share what you love with your friends and family, if the desire arises! We are an active group of people from all over helping to empower one family at a time with home remedies to bring back happy healthy homes! Join us, revitalize your wellness and please contact the person who referred you to our website and they will help you get started.

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Contact Lisa:

Welcome to Young Living! I have a passion for helping people in my role as an Acupuncturist, Psychotherapist, Herbalist and Mother. Staying healthy and strong with natural plant based ingredients has always been at the forefront of my wellness routine and imperative to maintain my family’s busy schedule. Young Living offers us a way to have a healthier lifestyle in our ever growing toxic and stressful world.

When I started using Young Living essential oils and oil infused products, I noticed the positive benefits with my energy and vitality! I realized I finally found a Company with quality essential oils that I can trust. Now I can truly empower people with “tools” at home to help them with their own health and wellness in all ways -physically, emotionally, psychologically and if they choose, financially!

If I could show you a way to enjoy your quality of life with better health and wellness, plus time and financial freedom, wouldn’t you be willing to learn more? I am here when you are ready and together we will help you reach your optimal wellness goals!


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Contact Darryl:

My background is in business valuation and financial analysis, yet I have always been interested in natural medicine and alternative health practices. I am skeptical by nature and took a guarded approach when first introduced to Young Living. Well, here it is four years later and I have replaced all of those toxic, chemical laden products throughout my home with health-boosting Young Living oils and nutritional supplements, personal care products, home cleaning products, and oils that just plain make me feel good!

What has drawn me to Young Living is that this company has integrity – from its unwavering commitment to quality to its “bend over backwards” customer service. I see Young Living more as a “co-op” since we, the members, essentially are the company. 92% of Young Living members buy products for their personal use only, simply because they love them. The rest of us love and use the products just as much, but also choose to share them more actively and make some income doing it.

I am so fortunate to have found Young Living because it has truly made my life better. So now I would like to share the Young Living lifestyle with everybody!


Contact Lisa:

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I’ve always been interested in natural solutions! Twenty years ago, while training to become a licensed massage therapist, I took a three day essential oils course and fell in love! Little did I know at the time that not all oils were created equally!

When my oldest son was a baby I closed my practice and focused the next decade on caring for my little treasures. In walked a trusted friend, 5 years ago, who told me she found the ‘real deal’ of essential oils. Finally I had the solution to help bring my body, mind and emotions into better balance! I KNEW this was the key to changing our lives forever!

Young Living is such a healthy lifestyle! Gary Young’s global vision, integrity, YL Foundation, and his commitment to produce the highest quality products speaks to me at a deep level as it does for millions of others too! I quickly found myself shouting my ‘discovery’ from the rooftops to anyone interested in hearing more. YL unexpectedly gave my life the purpose and passion it had been lacking. This has been a life-changing few years for me – improved health, new friendships, travel, a group of people I resonate with, and now the beginning of lifelong financial and time freedom.

YLEO is such a blessing of abundance. Please let me help you be blessed by Young Living too!


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Contact Tracy:

Tracy Lamperti joined Young Living in January of 2014 when a friend suggested rubbing peppermint oil on her daughter’s feet to cool her down during an illness. The results were so significant that the following day, Tracy ordered the Premium Starter Kit. This began one of the most wonderful, life supporting journeys for Tracy and her family. So many health and emotional benefits were being experienced that she couldn’t help tell others.

As a mental health professional for more than 25 years, it was exciting for Tracy to bring essential oils into her work. Tracy is committed to seeking natural health resources that are available to every person, without a prescription or exorbitant amount of money. Whether using musical instruments, body and breath, whole foods, healthy human touch, prayer and faith, essential oils are a beautiful compliment which brings depth to each experience.

Tracy is proud to be working with Young Living, the world leader of essential oils and grateful for the many friendships!

Team Leader of Essential Oils Cape Cod, Tracy holds the rank of Executive at Young Living Essential Oils.


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Contact Kelly: yleokellyt@gmail.comm

I have been using Young Living essential oils for a few years now, all thanks to my mom. Prior to using these products, I was always feeling sick. After using essential oils and its wide variety of supplements, the amount of sick days lessened and I started feeling the real impact that these essential oils had on my overall well-being.

Anyone who gets to know me will quickly learn that I am a proud fur-mom! I wanted to make sure that the products I’m using in my home are safe and free of harmful chemicals. Young Living’s products are free of toxins and synthetic chemicals, which makes it safe to use around our beloved pets. What more could you ask for?

Young Living’s products are high-quality and I couldn’t be more thankful for my mother, who had to share these products with me a lot to get me on board. I want to do the same for others— share and inspire those around me to live a healthier lifestyle.


Contact Christine:

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Hi, my name is Christine. I am a wife, mother of two young children, dog fanatic, math teacher, and an in-depth researcher of everything. I love to read, travel, and try new and exotic foods. After experiencing extreme stress from a busy family life and work, on top of way too many illnesses in the household and as a school teacher, I wanted to find a natural and effective way to support our emotional and physical health. I utilized my research skills and tried many alternatives but I was amazed at the results my family and I (and even the students in my classes) have had with Young Living Essential Oils. I love to help others create a healthy home and I’d be honored to be a part of your journey to health and wellness.

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Contact Stella:

Welcome, I’m Stella living life on the Gulf Coast and in love with Young Living! I’m on a mission to change my life for the better using natural options and leading a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle.

I am ecstatic about Young Living Seed to Seal process and guarantee of 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils, and the ONLY essential oil company which owns its own farms. Gary Young the founder of Young Living not only is known worldwide for his expertise in the field of essential oils, but he is an avid grower, distiller and user of therapeutic grade essential oils.

Wanting that non-toxic lifestyle, I am pleased Young Living’s products are free of toxins and synthetic chemicals, which makes EO’s safe to use around our beloved pets. What more could you ask for? How about products safe for children, too! Raising those little ones gives you enough to worry about, so let Young Living’s all-natural children’s products make your life easy. I have 18 nieces and nephews! When my newest great-nephew joined our family I shipped directly to LA the Young Living Gentle Baby essential oil, Lavender essential oil, and as my niece said, “AN AWESOME COOL” Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser, which arrived across the country with LOVE from Aunt Stella.

To top off the amazing Young Living products available wholesale to distributors, join the Essential Rewards program and receive countless FREE products! You too can have the benefit of a healthy home and living, extra income, freedom to travel and meet wonderful like-minded people.

What are you waiting for …. come live the dream of Young Living and together we can share, inspire, live a healthier, happier lifestyle!

Contact Cheryl:

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My name is Cheryl and I was introduced to Young Living at a Local Health Fair in 2014. I joined Young Living with my purchase of the Premium Starter Kit. I started using the oils right away. The Following month I joined the Essential Rewards program building points with my purchases. These points added up quickly. I used the points towards FREE Products.

Young Living offered other FREE products every month as a promotion. These changed from month to month. I began trying the different Essential Oils and Supplements and saw a big change in my wellness. It wasn’t long before my family and friends wanted to know how they could become a member of Young Living and begin their Wellness journey too.

My favorite part about sharing Young Living is when a new member begins using the oils in their Starter Kit and I see the look on their face when they discover what these pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils are doing for them. It is like watching the light bulb go on above them! I just smile and remember how I felt when I started using Young Living Products.

As my team grew I began to receive a check from Young Living every month. That check helped me buy my products and also helped me to help others in their Wellness Journey.

So join my team today! Together we will get you started on your new beginning.

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Contact Mark:

Mark has been using Young Living products since 2012 and has enjoyed the journey toward a chemical-free life. Thanks to Dr. Lisa Grossman and others, he has been blessed with support and a new family of like-minded people who help each other in the journey toward a healthy life – the most precious benefit for which one could strive.

Young Living offerings fit the “mold” of what I seek as I journey through life… pure and natural essential oils and oil-infused products that promote well-being.

Please join us as we promote growing in the world toward physical (and… therefore, emotional/financial) wealth. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Contact Jennifer:

Welcome; I am Jennifer Grisso RN and Young Living Essential Oils lover and distributor. I was introduced to Young Living in 2014 and I purchased my Young Living Premium Starter Kit and began using the Oils right away. I joined the Essential Rewards program and I have received countless FREE products with this.

I have developed a new emphasis on Natural and Alternative Health; and not working currently in Nursing. I have a passion for helping people in my roles as Nurse; and Educator. Staying healthy and strong with a natural plant based ingredients is a priority in my wellness.

Once I started using Young Living products I was hooked and won’t be without them. Positive benefits supporting many of my systems. Young Living is the ONLY Essential Oil company that owns its own farms, this means the ONLY true 100% Essential Oil is Young Living. Others make claims but one sniff and nothing compared to Young Living.

I am fortunate to have found Young Living as it truly has improved my life. Now I would love to share with you the Young Living lifestyle. Thank you for visiting.


Contact Sangeet Ram:

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Hi, I am Sangeet Ram. I have a background in professional counseling and coaching wellness and spirituality. What I haven’t enjoyed about those professions is limitations on earnings, time, freedom to travel and creating long term financial security.

YL has been amazing in giving me the opportunity to use amazing products, free of chemicals and toxins for all phases of my life and improve my overall health and well-being. I have been using YL products for over 10 years, building a business for the past two years. I love having extra income each month, freedom to enjoy more life and meet wonderful like-minded people. Plus, the systems and training this company has put together are top notch, easy to follow and duplicate and even more important, the leaders are accessible for guidance every step of the way.