Tracy Lamperti

website for free online dating Tracy Lamperti joined Young Living in January of 2014 when a friend suggested rubbing peppermint oil on her daughter’s feet to cool her down during an illness. The results were so significant that the following day, Tracy ordered the Premium Starter Kit. This began one of the most wonderful, life supporting journeys for Tracy and her family. So many health and emotional benefits were being experienced that she couldn’t help tell others.

je cherche un mec mortel.diam's As a mental health professional for more than 25 years, it was exciting for Tracy to bring essential oils into her work. Tracy is committed to seeking natural health resources that are available to every person, without a prescription or exorbitant amount of money. Whether using musical instruments, body and breath, whole foods, healthy human touch, prayer and faith, essential oils are a beautiful compliment which brings depth to each experience.

casual dating to a relationship Tracy is proud to be working with Young Living, the world leader of essential oils and grateful for the many friendships! Team Leader of Essential Oils Cape Cod, Tracy holds the rank of Executive at Young Living Essential Oils.