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My background is in business valuation and financial analysis, yet I have always been interested in natural medicine and alternative health practices. I am skeptical by nature and took a guarded approach when first introduced to Young Living. Well, here it is four years later and I have replaced all of those toxic, chemical laden products throughout my home with health-boosting Young Living oils and nutritional supplements, personal care products, home cleaning products, and oils that just plain make me feel good!

What has drawn me to Young Living is that this company has integrity – from its unwavering commitment to quality to its “bend over backwards” customer service. I see Young Living more as a “co-op” since we, the members, essentially are the company. 92% of Young Living members buy products for their personal use only, simply because they love them. The rest of us love and use the products just as much, but also choose to share them more actively and make some income doing it.

I am so fortunate to have found Young Living because it has truly made my life better. So now I would like to share the Young Living lifestyle with everybody!